Nailed It: Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants Takes Over on Social

One hotel brand that is absolutely killing it on social media is Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants. They are a chain of hotels in the United States. For an idea of who they are and their unique and fun voice, you need look no further than their ‘about’ statement on their Web site:


A quick search on Social Mention and it’s obvious that I’m not the only fan. The popular blog Curbed (San Francisco Edition) recently used Kimpton as glowing example of a brand that does customer service and service recovery right. Here is a snapshot of all of the love they get on social:


It was actually quite difficult to find anything negative. When I did, they dealt with it nearly immediately and got a quick thank you:


While ROI may be incredibly difficult to measure, it’s also tough to put a price on all of the overwhemingly positive sentiment that Kimpton creates on social. The word of mouth alone that they’re creating is incredible. It’s a fact that people take recommendations from others, especially their friends on social as gospel. With their quick responses and friendly, tongue-in-cheek engagement with anyone who mentions them, Kimpton Hotels & Resorts are really a brand to look up to when it comes to social.

PS. Their hotels really are amazing. Make sure to request a gold fish for your room when you go!




Choosing a “Voice”

Vacation is fun. Inspiring people to travel to your resorts and enjoy their vacations and/or timeshares needs to be fun. After all, isn’t that the whole point? Social media itself is also conversational in nature and you only need to look to your own Facebook feed to know that people love things that are funny and friendly.

Fun and slightly cheeky is the voice that I choose to use on social when posting for my brand. Hands down, the best hotel chain doing this right now is Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants.